HTML5 & CSS3 promises many new exciting ways to display your web pages, making them more eye catching.

For example notice the background gradient effect shown on these tabs. Also note the text shadow effect. This is all done on the fly using css alone. No need to create background gradient images or shadow effects in photoshop.

And if your browser doesn't support CSS3, you'll just see the default background, which is white in this case. Great huh?

  • innovative and creative
  • elegant
  • effective websites and applications
  • client usability
  • progressive front-end technologies
  • adaptable
  • functional
  • compliant


The pages in the 'Web' section are designed on basic HTML5 coding principles, incorporating CSS3 elements.

One of the great things about HTML5 is the rich media elements it brings to the mix. This is an attempt to allow a platform independent framework of rich media elements that do not rely on plugins (Flash, Silverlight), but are native to the browser.

Right click your mouse and use view source to see the code. Compare it to other pages in the site which are designed with xhtml4.

Code examples

The code examples listed here present web pages created using dynamic content retrieved from a mysql table and rendered by php and a variety of jQuery plugins.

The examples nicely illustrate the principles of DOM scripting in action, highlighting the interplay between HTML, javascript, and php.