HTML5 Template - Section

This page is designed on basic HTML5 coding principles. .

Right click your mouse and use view source to see the code. Compare it to other pages in the site which are designed with xhtml4.

One of the great things about HTML5 is the rich media elements it brings to the mix. This is an attempt to allow a platform independent framework of rich media elements that do not rely on plugins (Flash, Silverlight), but are native to the browser.

Canvas provides an example of the rich media elements offered in HTML5. The canvas element is an environment for creating dynamic images. The canvas element is particularly useful in situations where you may want to display tabular data in graphical charts. Below you will find a list of examples based on a mysql, php and a jQuery plugin developed by the Filament group (canvas jquery plugin)

Canvas: a list of examples

The element itself is very simple. All you specify within theopening tag are the dimensions:

<canvas id="my-first-canvas" width="360" height="240"> </canvas>

If you put anything between the opening and closing tags only browsers that don't support canvas will see it.