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Php, mysql data and jQuery PIMG (preview image plugin)

This page shows an example of using jquery scripts (pimg), and others in conjucntion with a php, mysql database. Move the mouse over the thumbnail image to see the effect.

This is a database with generated dummy data and images.


id first name last name date city misc image
91 Carson Sharpe 18/10/2009 Baton Rouge NGA39KTZ8LF
92 Shellie Snyder 10/04/2011 Campbeltown DGA11JHO6SP
93 Erich Wilson 14/07/2011 Haarlem DUA82OEO5MD
94 Jordan Bentley 20/05/2010 Port Augusta TNN32DKK8IJ
95 Brynne Baird 23/05/2011 Menai Bridge WNO11TNY1LJ
96 Flavia Torres 24/08/2010 Keith ROS19OPP9MQ
97 Addison Gross 16/09/2009 Wimborne Minster ZSY68GCH9OF
98 Teegan Gonzales 28/05/2011 Biggleswade CQW66YDK3KP
99 Raphael Beach 14/12/2009 Stamford TOL55HDW1DW
100 Tobias Luna 30/12/2009 Baton Rouge HBF14MGB3KO
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