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Php, mysql data and jQuery PIMG (preview image plugin)

This page shows an example of using jquery scripts (pimg), and others in conjucntion with a php, mysql database. Move the mouse over the thumbnail image to see the effect.

This is a database with generated dummy data and images.


id first name last name date city misc image
11 Glenna English 04/04/2010 Kansas City WJT63THF8MC
12 Vivian Jennings 15/02/2011 Cupar GNT88JJS4YN
13 Carissa Rosa 22/12/2010 Dundee NSH48SHD6IP
14 Herrod Pennington 22/04/2011 Callander YPV30YBW6IW
15 Cameron Franks 02/08/2010 Maastricht IGK07SFU3CK
16 Neil Franklin 13/12/2009 Kinross XLO48EUJ9HS
17 Harlan Blackwell 09/08/2009 Monmouth NGJ84AJL1BU
18 Zelenia Gregory 19/08/2009 March KJH25JXM4BF
19 Signe Dalton 29/09/2010 Warrington JXK02WYJ3LA
20 Libby Moore 14/02/2010 Porthmadog ROF03SOM4WS
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