about him

John Kiwanuka  is a web developer, but a bit more of a client-side engineer (aka front-end developer) rather than backend developer. He has an extensive background working with html, css and client-side performance techniques related to web development.

He has worked with various client-side code including the venerable vbscript/ asp (big shout) and is currently enjoying the rennaissance of php and other open source code. He’s also not averse to backend tinkering, opening up the hood and and getting down and dirty with databases, mysql, msssql, fox pro, ms access (yes i said it!), doing his own queries and making data soup. Recently he’s been playing with interface/interaction design, jQuery and other web development frameworks.

He likes hanging out, running, swimming, cycling, reading, watching fillums, and generally just lazing about (in his own free time naturally), preferably on the couch.